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To require our Government to be accountable for all POW*MIA's, amass support for POW*MIA issues, including passing (Congressional) H.Res.231 which requires the government to establish a Select Committee on POW and MIA affairs.When passed this bill will require that our government conduct a full investigation of all unresolved matters relating to all United States personnel unaccounted for from ALL wars and conflicts.

To place POW*MIA Flags across the Nation to bring attention and support to POW*MIA issues.

Listed below are the number of unaccounted  POW*MIA's for each conflict.

WWI - 3,500
WWII - 73,665
Korea War - 7,917
Cold War - 126
Vietnam War - 1,642
Persian Gulf War - 46
War on Terror 6

H. Res 111 was the Resolution for the 112th Congress but is not the number for the 113th Congress as that number has already been used.
Congresswoman Michele Bachman reintroduced this Resolution for the 113th Congress on May 22nd, 2013. The new number for the 113th congress is H.Res.231. She did it the right way with a press release and enthusiasum. we are off to a great start. At the same time she introduced H.Res.231 she introduced HR2091 which we need cosponsors for also. This Bill would require the Government to fly the POWMIA flag whenever the American flag is flown, not just on certain holidays.

It is time to start calling your Congressmen and Women to get them on board for Co-Sponsorship of the new Resolution

Page 2: What we need to think about regarding the POW*MIA's
Page 3: What we need to do to pass H.Res.231
Page 4: Listing of All States Congresstional Cosponsors of H.Res.231
Page 5: POW*MIA updates, contact information, how your donations will help, and how you may donate.

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